Sunday, March 28, 2010

Aion: Speed Boots & Kiting!

These boots are simple to get for the most part, and they play a key role in Kiting, and is a MUST for any melee or for anyone who kites.

How to get these boots!

1.) Get the quest [Group] Korumonerk in Danger, from Korumonerk, You MUST be level 37, to get this quest.

2.) Once you've gotten that quest, you need to collect Krall Molars from the Kaiden Headquarters from the elites which are level 40. You can buy these from the Broker averaging, 5k - 15k Kinah per server.

3.) Once you have gotten the 100 Krall Molars, you need to get the shugos shoes, these are just crates that lay around the first part of the KHQ, they can also drop from any elite for a 3% drop rate, but not that great. Its best to just find the shoe box.


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