Monday, March 29, 2010

Aion: Cornering the Market!

So, as I have been grinding in Lepharist Citadel in Eltnen today, I decided I should update about my new found money maker! Since you should have gotten your speed boots from KHQ quest at level 37, you should have found out that LC(Lepharist Citadel) was better for solo or small group grinding! What I have found out that, many other people actully buy the LC quest blue items, which I personally don't and most people don't but they grind their for levels. They collect tons of Golden Lepharist Insignias and they either just junk them or give them to friends or even sell them for stupidly low prices.
Now, I have realized that on many server markets that these Insignias are extremely un-abundant and hardly found on the market, does this mean they don't sell? Nope, they sell, this gear is great for many people leveling up alts, which is GREAT for us! Alts mean they have a main with Kinah, and which they will spend on that shiny blue gear the quests give. So! You can nail them to the wall!

On Triniel there was roughly 10-15 insignias on the market, I bought them out at first and realized that was a terrible mistake it just encouraged them to keep placing them up, so I played nasty and started placing them for 9,999 Kinah to undercut 1 Kinah, it comes up top on the listing when searched and at a glance gives the illusion that its cheaper. Mine sold like hot cakes, eventually someone came through and bought most of theirs and mine as well, so I was lucky! If they didn't I was going to have to buy them out to control it, anyway now to make my move.

During a fort siege my legion wasn't participating in the first round because we were aiming for Kysis second round I went to the broker, during Fort Sieges, meaning a perfect time for me to make my move, during the siege I placed all 10 of my bids on my cleric of insignias, ranging them from 15k to 10k Kinah decreasing by 1k each time, once I hit 10k I left it at that standard price. Since no one was at the broker it was easy, no one could interrupt my plan by placing theres up or buying mine to soon, thus when it was over they all sold.

This is a easy and simple way to corner a very fragile market because either those that are at this level are Alts and they don't want to grind them out when they can just buy them, and very few people at this level, leveling a main and grinding her even think about selling them, allowing you to easily control and dominate this easy market.


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